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Welcome to the Cloud Line Wiki

Welcome to the Cloud Line Wiki. You can look for my creative melee weapons like swords, axes, maces and others. The ranged weapon bow and arrow, rod or staff and javellin also.

This is about weaponry, all of swords has created by myself, I create not just sword but also in long-ranged physical and magical weapons or other melee weapons once every login my wiki.

Thank you for reading this, I will expect that I can correct my grammar.

Random Weapons

Weapon no. 106

Illaria is a sound, dark and metal combination elemental type of shadow. It is a female weapon and first to be declared as the shadow element. She can hide like an assassin in case of confrontation. Inactive in the battlefield but a threat to the kingdom. Illaria drawn with her allegiance on the city. A glance of her is a shadow no one could see her form but only a shadow. The metal can produce shadow so her personality is part of it. There's a small chances that you can see that in personal because she sneaked upon you to death.

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You need to help this wiki only for improving templates, and I need people who are good in templates. Help:Editing You need to contact us if you want to be part of my wiki just contact me. User:Jayvdale. Therefore If you want to be admin to this wiki also contact me there if you're sure about it.


Cloud Line Wiki update is now available!
Thanks for reading our first update to this wiki. Are you the contributor right? So please contribute this wiki and I will tell you all about updates. The founder will create weapons, skills and episodes. But you contributors must help me to fix and I'm sorry for the disturb.

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